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The best company in the markets from which you avail Double Doffer Card Machine, Side Cutting Opener Machine, Card Wire, and a lot more.

We, Om Tex Engineering, are a name which is primarily considered as the synonym of perfection in the markets from where customers avail Double Doffer Card Machine, Cross lapper, Oven, Calendering Machine, Textile Calendering Machine, Fibre Opner Machine, Side Cutting Opener Machine, Recycling Machine, Needles and Wire and much more. The foretold valiance is a result of our ground breaking works as a manufacturer. We know that if we perfect at our works within our facility, then only we will be able win the heart of our clients. Customers contentment matters to us the most. We make sure that each time a client steps in to do business with us, they will be satisfied from our end, and we treat them in a manner that they will never feel as delighted with any other company. Each member working in our facility, be it the individuals of top level management or the administration personnel, they all have only one goal, which is to make our company the best by brilliantly executing the works.

A Reliable Name

It took us more than a decade to earn the position in the market of one of the most trustworthy company. Ever since our beginning, we have always prioritized to be a company on which clients can blindly rely for doing business. We have prioritized to always innovate our range of machines and embed in the most advanced features. Further, we also focus on meeting all the quality parameters for the respective products because we never want to discourage our clients for doing business with us. Owing to such determination and dedication, we have now become one of the most well acknowledged names of the markets, which remains true to belief of each customer.

Support of Team

Each individual of our company is certainly a brick which strengthen our foundation of success. These personnel, are always highly dedicated and enthusiastic to achieve the most for our company. We cherish their determination. They never compromise with any factor, which might result in a downsize of our company, yet they always focus on making us grow. Our employees request to be trained whenever they feel that something new is introduced in the markets. Because, if their set of skills is not refined then what will be able to make our company the best in the market. Listed below are the teams which we have appointed in our premises:-

  • Manufacturing Experts
  • Designers
  • Quality Checkers
  • Logistics Personnel
  • Accounting Team